Mission Statement

Ensure the integrity and credibility of the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office making it second to none and a model for all by establishing a hiring process including a comprehensive background check and an intensive training process for all deputies utilizing up to date training methods that include sensitivity training.

Introduce and implement a comprehensive plan for the detention facility with efficiency, organization and structure creating a better trained staff resulting in a safer environment for both staff and inmates by addressing all concerns including but not limited to cracking down on inmate violence and contraband being brought into the jail.

Establish a youth mentoring program that will identify youth who are at high risk and pairing them with a carefully selected mentor that fits their particular needs ensuring their long-term success as self-sufficient adults who are a positive contribution to society.

Provide the citizens of Hinds County and the victims of crime a strong sense of confidence in the HCSO by operating a totally transparent sheriff’s department that has an open-door policy addressing the concerns of all citizens with a timely response for a positive outcome for all.

Uphold the Constitution of the United States and all it’s Amendments so as to protect the rights of all citizens and visitors of Hinds County, Mississippi without regard to race, sex, age, economic standing, or religious or political beliefs.


Unity and Justice for All